Our Story

Perry Court Farm

Fermors Farming

Our family have been farming for as far back as anyone can remember, in fact the name Fermor was a medieval job descriptive surname for farmer with pre 10th century!

It was grandfather Lionel (aka Growly Grandpa) who bought the current Perry Court Farm site on the 1940’s and it has been expanded over the years by his son Martin and then his grandson Charles.

Early Years

We grew A LOT of strawberries – a lot! Supplying Wimbledon and the big supermarkets, but Martin decided in the 1990’s to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and we started growing lots of smaller heritage crops and started attending and indeed founded some of the first farmers’ markets.

Perry Court Farm

Farmshop and Tearoom

The farmshop was started in 1965 and to this day remains true to its roots as a proper farm shop, we sell our wonderfully diverse range of crops (of which there are over 150 varieties of apple alone) and champion our fantastic local producers; bakers, cheesemakers, butchers, fishmongers.

The tearoom showcases just what you can make with our produce, with tantilising cakes, bakes and soups.

The Markets

We attend on average 40 markets a week, mainly in London and the Southeast. With the fruit and veg generally being picked the night before the markets themselves, we supply the best quality, freshest, produce around. Plus unlike when we were supplying supermarkets, it means we are able to meet our customers face to face – you guys are quite something!

Sustainability and the Environment

Working with Tipa, we became the first fresh food producer in the country to use compostable packaging.

As consumers we all do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle, but when cucumbers and broccoli come wrapped in plastic that not the consumer’s fault. We feel it is up to us the farmers to make your lives easier, and greener – and most importantly look after the planet. We are continuing to strive to make positive changes on the farm; so watch this space!

The Future

Well the farmer wants a wife as the song goes and in 2013 Charles and Laurie got married! Then the wife wanted a dog and Biscuit the dog arrived the same year! She can be seen around the farm and yard, fruitlessly searching for just one more treat.

In 2015 we got a son and Frederick arrived and has firmly established himself in charge, already telling Daddy what tractors we need, and how things should be done. Kids these days…! We have a lot more ideas for the farm and love having people to visit, check out our events and what exciting things we have in store!